Friday, December 12, 2008

Sell Your Video Talent!

You have been shooting video for years. You have footage of this and that and I bet some of it is really good. Really good! But that footage is not doing you any good sitting on a shelf or in your tape drawer. Why not sell it?

Who would you sell it too you may ask? Sell it as Stock Footage! Production companies, video producers, and Indie film makers are always on the lookout for fresh new scenes.! You can take that footage, scope it down to short clips and sell it. is looking for good footage both SD & HD. They offer you the video producer a 70% commission on all clips sold. No one else offers as much! Plus it costs you nothing except some time to get the clips together.

Just drop by and register as a producer. Here is a direct link. Click on the FAQ for answers to your questions and browse the site. There are already producers there contributing video, music, animations and more! I have my stock footage there too!

Once you sign up you will get directions how to upload the footage. You can sell your music, stock footage, photos or even software! And you get paid every time one of your clips sells. People or companies who buy your clips can use it royalty free in their productions and you get the commission from the sale. Its easy money! After you upload it you do nothing and your clips are there in the online library available 24/7 to potential customers.

Anyone who shoots footage can become a producer, you don't have to be a company or even professional. If your clips are good, you can sell them as an individual too. Just go through your inventory of tapes and shots, pick out the very best, cut them down to at least 10 seconds or as much as a minute and sign up. Fire and forget, you are making money when they sell!

So what do you have to lose? You worked hard to get that footage so put it to work for you. Drop by Phoenixclips and listen to the great songs we offer for wedding and video productions, check out the footage there and if you need something it's available to download anytime. We have animations, video, music, photos for print or video and even software! And we can help you sell yours!

Why worry about using copy written songs in your wedding videos when you can have great music royalty free for your productions? Whole songs, not just 30 or 60 second cuts that will spice up your montage or even credits! You can make money and benefit from the high quality media from other producers too.

Drop by Phoenixclips and put your media to work for you!

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