Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free Frames

I created these Frames for you, my readers! These are .tif files with the background transparent. You can alpha them over video! These are static frames, royalty free so feel free to use them in your productions. In Movie Edit Pro just drop them on the time line under your video and they will show through. They are 720x480 for standard resolution but you can stretch them to 16:9 if you wish. Or just tuck them to one side. Plus use key frames to move them around the screen! And title over or in them for a nice framed effect!
Right-click on THIS LINK and "save target as" or "save link as". Then download the file. The Frames are in the zip file.
These frames can be used with Movie Edit Pro or any editor that has alpha channel capabilities.
Here is a video showing the Frames in action:

If you grab these or other elements I offer free, please "follow this blog!"

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JB said...

WOW! These are great. Thanks for making them for us.