Monday, November 3, 2008

Video Umbrella Lights Part 2

Recently I wrote an article on Umbrella lights from EPhotoDiscounters. I decided I would go ahead and get a pair and retire the floods I am currently using. The price was right and the company seemed honest so I bit the bullet and purchased them.

For $49.99 I had some quality issues. I figured they would be flimsy plastic or thin aluminum poles and a couple of small umbrellas. The bulbs would probably cost more than the setup...

...I was wrong.

I got the umbrellas in the other day and set them up. All of it was packaged nicely with the bulbs and socket systems in their own little boxes. This for me was important because if i need to transport it I can put the bulbs back in their boxes safely tucked inside the Styrofoam casing.

The poles are not plastic, they are aluminum and durable. The legs fold out and have a tightening screw. The poles extend to 7 feet and hold the umbrellas well too. The socket has the clamp to hold the umbrella and it secures tightly on the pole with a thumb screw.

Telescoping poles are held by plastic clamps but they are strong and sturdy. You get your money's worth with these lights. I admit I've seen better for much more, but for $49.99 these are priced right.

The system illuminates a small studio area well and gives a very good color temperature for video. Since it uses florescent lights it is cool to the touch and doesn't overheat. The units are constructed well and with care they should last you a long time.

So if you are in the market for a couple of video lights, check these out at EPhotoDiscounters!

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