Thursday, November 6, 2008

Build A Steady Cam!

Wandering through the net I came across several good DIY projects. One is for a Steady cam. Simple and easy to build for under $15.00, this steadycamera support will give you smooth moves. You will find instructions and a parts list on the site. Build away, and if you don't have the tools - he will build you one!

Here is a good site showing how to build a camera dolly. Some skateboard wheels, angle iron, wood and screws and you can have a smooth ride for your camcorder!

And jet another site describes how to build a "poor mans Jib" or $60.00! Flowing crane movements can be yours for a little time in the garage and a few parts.

And if you want to take your camera under water, here is a site showing you how to build a camera housing. But be careful, water and cameras do not mix!

So do away with those fall & winter blues and give yourself a new toy to play with! Have fun and go shoot something!


Jim said...

A friend of mine attending Pittsburgh Filmmakers school made that steady cam. He used it in this film in the subway when he is following the main character. I'd review it as a slight help. I think it depends more on the steadiness of the camera man. Probably the ModoSteady (I've seen it for $99) would work better. That jib looks nice. I will have to forward it on to my friend. Good post.

Bill said...

A number of years back I picked up a small Glidecam for an emergency life raft sales video I did off shore. It worked great (though I did get a bit seasick in between takes!)

I've see the DIY models before, not sure just how effective they would be without a gimbal.