Friday, November 7, 2008

Follow My Blog!

I'd like to invite you to "Follow this Blog!" Yes, it's a shameless plug for In The Viewfinder. (wink) But since I do spend some time writing here and you come by and read it I'd like to know who you are? And who my readers are. So I'm inviting you to follow this blog...

^Just locate the "follow this blog" icon on the right and click Follow. There you can either use your blogger identity or select one. Its quick & simple and shows support for In The Viewfinder. I have a few already but I'd like to see more!

So please take a moment and click that Follower thingie on the right and follow along as I bring you new tips, links and good stuff to make your videos better! Thank You! I appreciate the support!

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Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Dylan Friese-Greene, and I'm really not joking but I love filmmaking too! Why not check out my blog. It's called afilmer'sblog. In the mean time, I'll be seeing what you keep posting in. See ya!