Saturday, October 4, 2008

Video Contests!

Got a hankering to enter video contests? Need to find one? Well, I got your hookup! Here is a web site that has nothing but video contests! They tell you the due date, what kind of prizes and what you need to do to enter. Online Video Contests, Find contests, win 'em and get paid!

They also have a newsletter you can sign up for and never miss a contest. So grab your gear, get creative and enter a few! You could be the next big winner and get some cash to boot! All links lead to contest details and what you can and cannot shoot. Most will want all original stuff.

Some of the contests are specific to a theme, others are open and a few only want students but all of them offer something. Check out the list and see if one gets your fancy, then load up on tape or data chips and go to work. Just remember to have fun!

Hey, it's the weekend so I'm outta here! In the meantime, go shoot something!

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