Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Free Editing Software

Nothing compares to Mep14+ (IMO) but if you are looking for some editing software and you want to play around with freeware, ChrisColorado has your hookup! Chris has a blog called Free Stuff: Making Movies For Nothing which is a prelude to a book he is writing. There you will find all kinds of video goodies, FREE! Take an editor for a spin and see if you like it! There are several programs to choose from and he advises on each one:
* Anim8or
* Audacity (Freeware “A” List!)
* Avid Free DV
* Avidemux (Freeware “A” List!)
* Blender (Freeware “A” List!)
* Celtx (Freeware “A” List!)
* GIMP - GNU Image Manipulation Program (Freeware “A” List!)
* Inkscape (Freeware “A” List!)
* Jahshaka (Freeware “A” List!)
* Microsoft Photo Editor
* Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker
* Non-Freeware of Interest (suggested by readers)
* Pinnacle VideoSpin
* Reaper
* Riva FLV Encoder
* Scribus (Freeware “A” List!)
* Sony ACID Xpress
* VirtualDub (and it’s variants)

Here is what Chris says about his blog and himself:

"I’m a pro video/audio editor and graphics/web designer. For more info about me, visit My Website or read my posts in the Videomaker Forums. This blog is basically a place to post chapters for my new book on freeware which is still in progress, but already has many useful things. I posted in the forums on Videomaker about Using Free Stuff and this is more or less what got me started (on a blog of all things!). The book is called

Free Stuff: How to make your Dream Movie for practically nothing

and is divided into sections with chapters. Each chapter is a different freeware program."

ChrisColorado tells you the Pros and Cons of each program and offers his advice since he has used all of them! He is a good friend of mine and knows his stuff! Check it out and if you need an extra editor, snag one!

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