Saturday, September 20, 2008

Trek to HD

I have seen the future and it is good! You probably have heard of this, they took the old Star Trek series and remastered it in HD and with new special effects. What you may not know is you can watch several episodes of this classic sci-fi program FREE on the web. CBS is presenting Star Trek Remastered online in HD and it looks great! I just watched one of my favorites, Balance of Terror. The thing I really loved about that episode was how the script would have made a great submarine movie.

The Romulans and their vessel akin to a German u-boat with the American ship commander dropping depth charges and trying to find them. It was a game of cat and mouse! A perfect adversarial vehicle for a show!

Watching this show as a kid it seemed fine. Phasers blasting and alien spaceships, but as an adult the effects pail in comparison to the blockbuster movies we have grown accustomed to. Having this old show remastered, and fresh effects has once again brought the show back. Now you can enjoy Kirk, Spock and a whole ship of go-go girls in high definition, oh and those cool alien ships too.

So drop by the link above and get your trek fix today!
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