Monday, September 8, 2008

Special Interest Video - UFOTV

Special interest video is a growing business, just about any subject you are interested in you can find a DVD or program about it. Such as UFO TV. This is a special interest web site selling only videos on UFOs, Paranormal, and Conspiracy Theory DVD's.

"UFOTV is the worlds largest library of Exotic Science and Suppressed History films.

UFOTV is a One-Stop Source for "Band and Suppressed" News in Science and Politics. Topics include UFOs & Aliens, Conspiracy & Science, Mind & Spirit.
For 16 years UFOTV has cultivated relationships with virtualy every journalist, scientist, researcher and filmmaker that has ever produced a fact filled investigative film or documentary on UFOs, and the mysteries and magic of unexplained phenomena. In the process UFO TV has become the largest proprietary library of exotic science and suppressed history documentary films. The UFOTV library of films is distributed World Wide for Broadcast Telivision and on DVD. Visit us online: and at our YouTube channels: UFOTVonline and UFOTVstudios."

They offer streaming video, podcasts, magazines and more. All on a fun and informative subject. UFOTV is a perfect example of building a special interest video business and supplying a demand for such programming. It is a good model to look at if you are interested in creating a special interest video outlet.
Check out their promo and their products. You can create a great business in Special Interest Video!

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