Saturday, September 6, 2008


There's a new kid on the block! It's called, it's a place for video editors, producers, shooters and visual artists to meet and socialize. Started by Joel Holland of Footage Firm about a week ago this community is growing fast. There are members from all walks of life in the video industry from beginners to pros, all sharing their knowledge and experience.

"I launched as I have long wished there was a true video production social network complete with forums, videos, interactions and a place for potential customers to find freelancers." - Joel Holland

DV Professionals features members who use a vast assortment of equipment. You can upload video and photos, blog and do anything you could in any other community. Joel and I have been talking about such a community for some time. I recommended he put a bulletin board on the Stockfootageforfree site and we both shared the feeling of a need for a community whereby industry folks could interact. I feel DVProfessionals is that community!

There are plenty of video forums and sites out there, most are specific to a particular product or piece of equipment. This site is for everyone, no matter what equipment or products you use or your skill level. It puts everyone on a level playing field allowing pros to interact with beginners and vise versa. It's a true community of video people but also welcomes music professionals and graphic artists. You can join too! Drop by and lets work & play together!

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