Thursday, September 18, 2008

Movie Clapper Board Generator

Now here is a nifty little thing if I've ever saw one. It's a web site that will generate a cool little graphic of a Clapper Board with whatever you write on it! Try it here! Just fill in the information and click Generate! Then Presto, you have your own clapper board you can use on your website or even in a video! I made the one to the left.

This is a neat way to label discs, make a dvd case or just use it on a production. It looks like it was written with chalk too. You can even generate several for friends. Try it out and make a Clapper Board for yourself!


K J SHENOY said...
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K J SHENOY said...

This clapper board thingy is something I (an amateur) have been searching for quite some time. Thanks Jay!