Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Comical Law - Copyrights Explained

As a videographer we often have to make sure what we shoot or files we use are legal. Copyright law is a "must know" in this business. To make it easier to understand the Center of the Study of the Public Domain has produced comic books and pages to explain copyright law.

In an easy to follow story, copyright law is played out in simple and intuitive form. What you can and cannot do. Check it out here!
You can download the entire comic book, single pages, or watch it in a Flash Player. And if you must have a hard copy you can purchase the comic book from Amazon.com.

"This graphic-novel-format paperback is an excellent introduction to copyright law. The authors, all law professors, wanted to make copyright accessible for everyone in a form other than a law-review article. The "plot" revolves around Akiko, a filmmaker who wants to capture a day in the life of New York City. As Akiko tries to produce her film, she learns about copyright basics, including fair use, public domain, and the impact of digital technology. She also learns about the rise of the "rights culture," that is, a culture that demands a person obtain the rights to use copyrighted materials even for incidental uses for which rights were not required in the past."

This is an excellent resource when you need to know something about the law and how it pertains to you! Read it today!

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