Sunday, August 31, 2008

Royalty Free High Def Video Clips!

With everyone switching or trying to switch to HD it's hard to find really good clips at a reasonable price. Slowly and painfully the industry is switching over but many sites only offer SD clips. If you are looking for good HD content, I mean really good content then check out Royalty Free HD Video Clips! Click here to visit.
Bernie Day (Video AdMaster) runs the site and you can tell from the preview the clips are above par. All in High Definition and all reasonably priced. She has elected to only sell HD quality since the Internet is quickly moving to this format as video players are now able to provide an enhanced experience when HD is used. Plus if you can't get a clip where you are, her crew can get it for you. She is looking for talented videographers to join her too and get paid shooting Hi-Def video!
Clip Categories include:
Animals / Pets
Beauty / Cosmetics
Books / Magazines
Clothing / Accessories
Consumer Electronics
Coffee Shop Sequences
Dining / Eating
Food & Beverage
Furniture & Home Decor
Health & Fitness
Holidays & Seasonal
Home Improvement
Kids / Children / Babies
Land & Water Scapes
Plants & Flowers
Furniture Stores
Kitchen Shops
Sports / Recreation
Travel & Hospitality
Wine & Spirits
Some categories are still filling up. The content is well lighted, framed and perfect for showing off high definition! Check out her clips and pick the ones you need! Great quality and prices easy on your pocketbook make this site a keeper! Bookmark it and visit often for more content when added.

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