Wednesday, July 9, 2008

VitaScene for MEP14+ & other NLE's

Digital Juice has Vitascene on sale at their web site for a limited time! Only $199.50 (Click Here)
is a plug-in for MEP14+ that will create special effect transitions and other effects.
Professional moods & effects:
Effects and transitions with the aid of deliberate blurring, expertly selected colour matches and understated lighting create sophisticated visual moods on film, enabling glamour, flair, charm and drama to be perfectly accentuated - which is why it is barely possible to imagine a professional production without these kinds of effects: Vitascene makes a perfect quality stylistic device available to everyone - it’s amazingly easy to use and, thanks to the latest GPU technology, lightning fast!

It comes with hundreds of pre made effects. The construction of your own effects libraries within the program for typical, constantly recurring stylistic devices is possible, with the declared aim of expressing the individuality of a production as a corporate style or revealing the particular signature of a stylish editor.

Whether an editor works using editing solution A today and B tomorrow is irrelevant, because, thanks to the uniform Vitascene plug-in technology, you can always take your own effects with you to the particular editing solution.

In the past, these kinds of visual effects have been extremely expensive to produce, but now they are feasible for any professional. Lightning quick processing during editing as well as at the final stage, which is one hundred percent GPU-based, forms the basis for creative production!

This has previously restricted creative editors more with jerky mini-format previews or time-consuming, nerve-wracking preview processing.

This is a PRO application and will enhance your videos. The regular price for Vitascene is $399.00, but Digital Juice is now offering it through their web site for $199.50! But act now! This is for a limited time only! Check out this demo, one of many you can watch from their site here {ProDAD}.

See it in action here, and read a review from DV Event Magazine too! Watch all the demos, you will be impressed! When you see what Vitascene can do, you'll want it!


Jay Michael said...

I wanted to verify that Vitascene does work with MEP14+. {On their site it says MAGIX 2008.} So I asked my friends in the programming department at Magix. Here is the reply:

"Yes, MEP14 Plus fully supports proDAD Vitascene."

So that there is no confusion or questions, there is the answer directly from Magix!
Jay Michael

Paul Miller said...

Just bought Vitascene LE to integrate with MEP 14 plus however I keep getting a .dll error when I try to access vitascene filters/transitions.
It works as a standalone app no probs.

Vitascene works with my Ulead MSP7 ok
any comments or suggestons??