Friday, July 11, 2008

Cheap Sets!

While in a Party Store the other day I came across something that can be a cheap way to create a set environment for video. They are called Scene Setters and you should be able to find them at your local Party Store, or order them here. They run about $20.00.
From a nice Autumn scene to a Western Bar, or a Hollywood Night Life scene, there are several to choose from. The Halloween scenes are pretty cool in a cartoonish way.
They are intended to roll around the corner of a room on the wall, making a good background to shoot against. Set up some props and chairs in front of them and you can create a nifty Johnny Carson type set, or a lounge. This would be good for interviews too if the subject isn't too serious. Here are a few of the backgrounds that could make a good set:

For just twenty bucks that ain't to bad, especially if you are on a budget! I like the 1950's sock hop theme, it would be great for a show playing oldies! Depending on the theme of your video and you just need something to accent the background these inexpensive wall murals could be just what you need to create a makeshift set on the fly. Having several of them would allow you to redress your set for different themes. Perhaps even do away with the green screen? Just light them well and watch for wrinkles. Here are some specifics;

• For indoor or outdoor use. Product is lightly laminated for use outdoors in protected areas or mild weather conditions.

• 4 feet high x 50 feet long.

• Plastic roll is easily hung from walls with double-sided tape and transforms a bare room.

50 foot is plenty for a close set. Just hang it up above the floor some so it will fill the background of your shoot. And since they are plastic you can reuse them. Some scenes are just walls with no theme, such as the brick wall or bamboo murals. You can layer them to fill a wall.
So there you go, an easy way to transform a room into a new location. Check the link above and Have Fun!

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rebe said...

That is a good idea, especially for those of us on a budget!