Monday, July 21, 2008

Rescue Your Old Videotapes!

We've all been there, something important you taped long ago is destroyed or will no longer play in your VCR. I know that I have lost several old recording I wish I had backed up. If you are looking for a way to save your precious memories then this product may be for you! Video recordings on tape are being threatened by all kinds of danger. Magnetism, moisture, abuse, and just simple time. With this video rescue package, consisting of MAGIXMovies on DVD 7 and the practical USB video converter (+SCART adapter), you can back up your favorite memories quickly and easily to DVD. By the way, the rescue package is suitable for not only VHS, but all other tape formats too, including Video 8, S-VHS, Hi8, and Betamax! Tape recordings are anything but safe. The average life expectancy for VHS cassettes amounts to around 15 years, and that's in optimum storage (protected from light, low moisture levels, and constant temperature). The magnetic layer slowly deteriorates until the tape is useless. And all this can happen at a faster pace if tapes haven't been stored in the best possible conditions!
With Rescue Your Videotapes just play your old tapes into the computer and save them to DVD! Here's what you get:
  • Import movies directly from any source
  • Cut, edit, and burn your own videos
  • Optimize images and sound with just a couple of clicks
  • Watch & record TV programs
  • Automatically remove TV commercials
  • Backup copies of video CDs & DVDs
  • Improve DVD recordings
  • Compile & burn Internet videos
  • NEW! Burn video to Blu-ray discs
  • NEW! MAGIX WebVideo Recorder
  • NEW! Create DVD menus with images from your own projects
  • NEW! Present online as a web DVD
  • PLUS: Free video website + live chat
The USB video converter/adapter that comes with the product will hook up to your VCR or camcorder and allow you to record your old tapes into your computer. Then you can save them to DVD and continue to enjoy them for years to come.
Also, I see no reason why you couldn't use the adapter to load video from your VCR or older camcorder into your computer and edit it with MEP14+! So check it out, and rescue those old tapes!


Anonymous said...

Please could anyone tell me if this product allows NTSC and PAl playback/recording?

Jay Michael said...

I looked on the site, it doesn't say if it does or not.
Here is the MAGIX support info:

You can contact us:

* Mail: MAGIX Customer Service
701 SW 27th Ave., Suite 1403
Miami, FL 33135
Tel:1-305 722 5821 (9 am to 5 pm EST Mon-Fri)

Rick said...

What about macrovision protection? Will this package allow me to convert original VHS retail tapes that I've purchased over the last 15 years or will I have to consign these to the recycle bin?

I realise copyright protection is important here but I just want to convert my own collection to DVD and nothing else. Honest!


Jay Michael said...

Granted this is hearsay, but I read on another forum that it will copy the protected tapes.