Saturday, July 19, 2008

Camera Crane

If you want to really give your videos a professional touch, you should consider investing in a crane.
Pro Am makes a series of low cost and sturdy cranes. I've been looking at the DVC200 camera crane for purchase recently. It's 8ft in total length featuring auto and manual tilt modes. The auto tilt keeps the camera level with the ground and Manual tilt enables you to tilt the camera independent from the crane body. It will break down into two 4 foot sections. You can mount it to a sturdy tripod head using 1/4" x 20 mounting holes. See this video from UTube showing the crane set-up and in use.

Pro Am has more cranes including the DVC250 and DVC500 plus the 4 foot DVC50. And they carry the bags, stands, and LCD monitors to go with the crane.
A good crane shot will give your video a professional "Hollywood" look and is sure to impress clients! For the price of a cheap camcorder you can afford big budget shots and get your camera high and in places hard to shoot from. From shooting over crowds to adding a sweeping vista to your show, a crane is a good investment to consider.


Rp Toronto said...

Hi Jay,
I've also been looking into the DVC 250. During my research, I came across another crane called the Cobra-1.The main difference as far as I can tell from the site: , is that it works on a cable-drawn system to articulate the tilt-down of the camera, via the tripod head. I'm wondering if you or any of your colleagues have any comments about this product as it compares to the workability of the DVC200. Comments appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I own the DVC200 crane and it works great. I had used a cable drawn crane before, but the camera tends to slip a lot. It just wasn't very smooth. So when I came across the DVC200, which didn't use the cable system, I bought it. It's even smoother than I imagined. I am now thinking about the 4 foot extension. I would definitely recommend a ProAm crane.