Monday, May 19, 2008

Video File Converters

Now that you've made a nifty new video you want to carry it around in your Ipod or Blackberry. Or you want to convert it to something to play on the web or upload to UTube. Not a problem. What you need is a file converter. Here are a few I use: LINK
With a file converter you can convert video from one format to another or squeeze a large file down to something manageable for the web or a personal video player. You can convert the file to FLV format and put it on the web with it's own player to stream the video, or see what it will look like once converted to a FLV supported web site like UTube. Plus you can get UTube videos and play them on your IPod, Zune or just your computer.!
File converters are a good way to get video from one place to another in a format the end user can view. You may also wish to convert video to a format your editor can work with better.
The software in the above link is Freeware and will convert just about anything to just about anything. I especially like the one that converts video to use in my Ipod. It's a good idea to grab them all as you never know when you may need a function in one of them. I also use one to convert video I've edited back into the format of my digital video camera so I can play it on it's viewfinder.
All of them are useful!

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