Monday, May 12, 2008

Springtime DIY Video Projects!

It's spring and you probably have a hankering to play with some power tools. I know I do! LOL Power tools are fun anytime but getting some new video gadget and power tools is a sure way to light up a Saturday night, if not your electric bill! So, here is a quick link to some very easy to make video accessories you can build yourself.

• Dolly
• Camcorder Rig
• Mini Crane Rig
• Mike Blimp
• LCD Hood
• PVC Rig
• Video Dolly

If the easy to follow videos are not enough, full plans are available from
Some of these you can build in a few minutes. Others may take the better part of the afternoon, but the results will be a cool new gadget you can use to improve your videos. You can get all 17 tutorials for $49.00 here. Personally, I'd like to have the dolly and the crane. (Just in case anyone wants to build me one. ) Hey, I'll gladly pay shipping!!! :-) The videos are easy to follow and are creative ways to save on expensive professional gear. So get your tools out, drop by your home handyman mega store and make some great video!

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