Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Magix Movie Edit Pro for the Wedding Videographer

Most brides spend months, if not years, dreaming about their wedding day, visualizing an event that will be as unique and sparkling as a snowflake, unlike any wedding before or yet to come, utterly fresh and magical. They may invest hours upon hours searching for the perfect wedding ring and they treasure the photographs and video of that special day. As a wedding videographer it's your job to capture that special day and preserve it for the bridal customer.
You have many tools to help you do this, the camera you use, your skill, and the equipment you edit the video together with to name a few.
When you start your wedding video business you need to select your equipment with all the enthusiasm the bride will use to select you as her videographer! The last thing you need is to shoot a great wedding then realize you need to take a college course just to understand the editor you bought to make the video with.

Movie Edit Pro is an excellent choice to produce high quality wedding and event video products. It's easy to learn and powerful. You can spend hundreds more for software that will do the same if you want, then buy additional software to give you more functions. Or you can get it all in one box.

I shoot Special Interest Video. S.I.V. is any video going to a specific person or audience, so Wedding Videos fall into this category. You are marketing your video to the bride, groom and their families. The equipment you use means nothing to them, they only care about the final product. Advertising that you use Brand X to edit video is technical mumbo-jumbo to them.
When the bride asks if she can have dissolves, picture-in-picture or other effects you need to be able to answer 'Yes' to her questions and know you can create the effect in your editor. Plus you need to know how to create the effect before you answer yes.
If a question such as this comes up and you believe you will have to consult a manual or buy a book to pull it off, then your editor is not serving you well. And you in turn are not serving your customer well.
This is why you need an editor you can fully master. For me, that edit software is Movie Edit Pro. You can master this program in less time and not rely on guesswork. So you can spend more time being creative and producing a slick final product. A product your audience will love!

I know I spend much of my blog time expounding the virtues of this software, but I want you to know I truly believe in it. It makes my work flow move smoothly and easily and I want that effortless power in the hands of others. My tips are here to help you.

MEP comes with a ton of pre-made effects you can drop into the time line and use, rather than having to create them from scratch. Or you can create a unique effect from scratch easily.
Editors using expensive software can spend the better part of a day or even a week making one transition or creating an effect. Do you have all day or a week to get that wedding video to the customer? The question becomes, how important is your time? How important is the confidence you have in your equipment? How important is getting a great product produced, edited, on disc and delivered to the customer so you can get paid?

If your editor is slowing you down while you read up on some way to get the results you want, you may want to consider the above questions. Is MEP the end all program for wedding videographers? Of course not. If you are comfortable with your software then the point is moot. You have what you need. But if your editor has failed you, then I'm suggesting you try Magix. For the cost and the dependability plus the comfort in use, it's a great program to edit those precious moments with.
Magix Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus is the latest version of this editor. Though video makers have been using Magix software for years, it is only recently that this program has been recognized as a professional solution for many studios. Cost and functionality plus ease of use has been a factor. The plus version of Movie Edit Pro 14 has all the functions of more expensive editors at a fraction of the cost and delivers dazzling performance. It is a complete and professional video editing suite. The only thing you need to add is your creativity and skill.
If you'd like to try it out, click on the 30 day free trial to the right and download it Free! If you like it and purchase it you can get the full blown suite.

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Jay Michael said...

The PLUS advantages at a glance: MAGIX

* NEW! Up to 99 tracks for freely arranging video, audio, photos, and text
* IMPROVED! Current HD camcorder support
* Complete HDV support from recording to burning onto HD discs
* NEW! Surround Sound settings with Dolby Digital 5.1 creator (fee-based plug-in required)
* NEW! 3D design for perspective-based arrangement and 3D scrolling text
* NEW! Screen capture: Save Internet movies, etc. directly to hard disk from your screen
* MAGIX Music Editor for detailed sound optimization and editing
* NEW! Advanced DVD menu design (freely editable background)
* NEW! Ambient Synth 2.0 with thematic video soundsets
* NEW! Audio Mastering Suite 2.0 for audio editing at the highest level
* NEW! Seamless proDAD Vitascene embedding
* NEW! Publish image sequences as animated graphics for the Internet (animated GIF export)
* Burn HD DVD-ready recordings in HD DVD format to inexpensive blank DVD discs
* NEW! Templates for professional-looking picture-in-picture animations (e.g. for opening credits)
* NEW! Burn videos on high-resolution Blu-ray discs with menus
* NEW! Publish disc projects as an ISO image for repeated burning, burning with other software, and PC playback
* NEW! Freely configurable keyboard shortcuts with the Shortcut Editor
* MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer 6: Design your own backgrounds, menus, and much more
* BONUS! Reallusion iClone 2 SE: Brand new 3D animation software for virtual scenes