Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Easton Bowhunting TV - Bigfoot?

This video recently appeared on Huntv.com. Though they don't say "Bigfoot", they elude to it being one. So my question is, is this an attempt at getting ratings or a promotion for their web site and TV show, or do they think this may be a Sasquatch?
Here is the video:

So what do you think? The elusive Sasquatch finally caught on a Game Camera, or a creative promotion for a cable tv show and web site?
Bigfoot is rarely caught on camera. The famous Patterson/Gimlin film from 1967 is the best example. There are other films of far less quality but the PG film is the standard.
I've read that some believe this is just another hunter in a guillie suit. Others think it may be the real thing. Seems too much human for me.
But a creative use of camera is always helpful when trying to sell something, and the fact that this thing is only 9 frames and walks off the screen may be a good indicator of creative camera work. What you show in the frame, and what you DON'T show is equally as important.
As producers we try hard to place only what we want inside the frame and lead the viewer to believe the world we present, even if that world is not reality. That is movie making.
So, I'd like to read your thoughts. Use the Comments link below to tell me what you think. Is it real or is it Memorex?


Anonymous said...

Trail cams are motion activated, and obviously there was brush in the way to keep it from capturing it walking in. It does not look like a hoax to me, but does look like a hunter just walking by.

archer said...

First let's understand that Fred is a first rate guy, he has no need to try to promote his position, nor would he allow a fabrication in the show he does. He obviously just saw something that he knew wasn't a bear and was just allowing us to see something that we might find interesting. He neither tried to tell us what it was, nor mislead anyone. Cameras such as the one used are notorious for activating slowly and missing pictures of animals entering the area. If you owned and used one you would know this. In fact some cameras allow someone to walk right in front of them and by without taking a picture of anything at all, except what was there after the person walked by.

Tips said...

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Jesse Henry said...

Hey guys i know Fred personally and also his camera man jake and these guys are solid believe me the last thing Fred needs is a bigfoot hoax the guys so damn successful and busy believe me he would have time to laugh and joke about the idea but to put the time in to actually do it , no way he told me about this long before i saw the video and was very apprehensive to even say anything about what it was he just said watch it and make your own conclusion , but believe me this guy visits his house and spends so much time in the woods that this is light weight compared to some of the other stories those guys will tell you i believe they caught somethin , what it is well like fred says you draw your own conclusion , (sorry about my punctuation and my unigraph good thing i fish for a living and dont write reveiws !!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe one of the crew members came forward to calm the hoax