Sunday, February 3, 2008

Video Editing for Beginners

So you shot some very good home video and you want to edit it, but that editing software looks soooo complicated! One reason video editing software looks so complex is because the software packs so much into the interface. You have a ton of choices and getting most of them on the screen and handy requires the interface to be packed with functions. But don't let the interface scare you!
The guy that wrote your software wants it to be easy, he put all the buttons in a handy place for you to find and use them. Just think 'the more buttons, the more I can do.'
In this video the InternetVideoGal breaks down the basic interface of most editors and explains their function. Though she uses a different video editor than I do, the basic function is the same.
YES, YOU can do this! Just watch and enjoy...

Start by clicking on the first block of video in the upper left of the screen.

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