Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Camera - Panasonic AG-DVC20

I have to say, I love my camera!
Your camera is one of the most important tools you will own as a videographer. So I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to my video camera. If you are looking for a good high quality video camcorder, take a good look at the AG-DVC20!

With a 10X optical zoom and 500X digital zoom, the AG-DVC20 3-CCD shoulder mount camcorder offers true colors and easy operation for high-quality, professional level video capture. The convenient, shoulder-mount design with one-touch navigation menus allows for stable shooting and easy control, making this camcorder a great choice for recording weddings, sports or any events. New features include a Power LCD function, which allows the side screen to be seen in bright sunlight, and Zero Lux Night View, which transforms the LCD into a light source for shooting in total darkness. The newly-designed, one-touch navigation control makes VCR playback very easy and doubles as a function selector for settings such as Backlight Compensation, Soft Skin, Color Night View, Tele-macro, Fade in/out, White balance, and Mic level -- all while on the shooter's shoulder.

• 2.5-inch monitor with Power LCD and new Zero Lux Night View features
• 10X optical zoom and 500X digital zoom
• 3-CCD optical system with advanced digital processing for sharp, vivid images
• Video and S-Video out; Mic In and Audio out
• IEEE 1394 DV in/out terminal
• Shoulder-mount design with extra-large handle grip and fingertip zoom control
• Digital Electronic Image Stabilizer (EIS)
• Easy, fast control with one-touch navigation "joystick"
• Built-in stereo microphone
• Energy efficient and lightweight (4.48 lbs)
• Two 1350 mA batteries included


Anonymous said...

My wife and I recently bought this camera. We’re generally pleased with it. However, we wonder how is it that when we shoot in dimly-lit situations (without a mountable camera light) it seems like the results are less favorable (read: darker) than less expensive camcorders by, say, JVC or Sony.

Is there a way to open up the aperture on the camera lens? Nothing in the user manual speaks to this — unless I missed it somewhere. Thanks for any comments on this.

Jay Michael said...

Try changing the shutter speeds and also check the night shot feature. Because the camera has 3 CCD's it delivers a finer picture but requires more light to do it.
I have shot at night under a streetlight and it resulted in a good picture.
The manual is like most manuals, it covers the basics. This is a "play with it and discover what works best for you" situation.
I hope this helps, Let me know how it turns out.