Saturday, January 5, 2008

Magix Movie Edit Pro 12

Some of you who know me know that I use Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 to edit video. I love the software! It is inexpensive and will let you do just about anything. In Fact I discover something new quite often. Today I discovered a web site that supports the Magix line of video editors.

Since MEP12 is based out of Germany, the site is geared toward the UK and german versions, but yes, the effects and titles do work with MEP12. I tried them. You will have to re-direct the path where the installer trys to install the free extras they give you on the site. Just put them in the Program Files/Magix/Movie edit pro 12/Effects folder or Title folder. Then open MEP12 and use them.

Visit the site here:

The site is in France but there is an English translation on the web site.

Some of the title effects are really great and saves time trying to build them in the editor itself. Once you play with them, you'll see how easy they are.

I also found a couple of message boards supporting MEP12;
The above is Magix's forum
The above is SimplyDV, where there are several MEP12 users that can answer questions, but the site isn't very active so you may need to wait a day or two before someone answers your query.

Videomakers forums have several users the are devoted to MEP12, you can get answers there too. The forum is hard to navigate but useful.

You can find some cool stuff at Magix too, like free downloads:

If you haven't tried the MEP12 editor, you can download a trial at Magix too.
So avail yourself of those and enjoy the editor!

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