Thursday, January 10, 2008


Allow me to introduce you to a little gadget I keep in my camera bag. It's called a Clamperpod and is one of the most versatile gadgets I have. With the clamperpod I can attach a camera to just about anything. A tree limb, a pipe, chair, anything I can clamp it to becomes a tripod!
I don't use my AG-DVC20 (too big and bulky) with it but my mini-cam works great on this pod. For just $16.95 you can't beat it! I've clamped a camera to my motorcycle engine guard {see video} and got some real good ESPN or SPEED channel type videos! It will hold a lightweight camera tight and steady. There are two versions. One with a flat clamp and one with a curved clamp for rounded objects like pipes. Plus Clamperpod has more items like a gimbal head for the Pod and a mini-tripod. Anything with a camera thread can be mounted to the Clamperpod.
You could even clamp the pod to a pipe with a handle and make a really good shoulder brace with it. Or clamp extra cameras to your tripod.
Drop by and check out the Clamperpod. It's a good product to keep in your camera bag, you never know when you may need something like this to clamp down a camera in a quick situation. Click on the photos in this article to see a larger view of the product.
The following video is me 'testing' the Clamperpod. Wearing my funny old red helmet that didn't fit my large head, I take the clamp for a ride on my Goldwing GL-1000. The sound on this video isn't the best in the world, but you will see how smooth the clamp holds the video camera. Having the camera's mic so close to the engine, plus dumping this video down to stream at a respectable speed did a number on the soundtrack & image. But hey, it's just a test silly!

So there ya go! A great clamp for smooth and beautiful video! If you get one and use it I'd love to see some of the video you shot using the Clamperpod! Just drop me a line in the comments section and a link to your video.
Till next time, keep the world in your viewfinder!

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Jay Michael said...

Note: If you use the pod as I did in the video, be sure to attach a tether to your camera. The pod holds great but vibration could make it come loose and I wouldn't want you to lose a camera at high speed. Be safe, and protect your gear!
You will also need to use a lens on your camera to protect it's lens. A UV filter lens works nicely.