Sunday, November 11, 2007

How it all started

Back when I was a teenager I was a little Speilberg. I shot 8mm film with a friend and we both wanted to make the ultimate sci-fi epic! LOL Well, he went on to video production in television and I went independent. We both got into radio in high school and did our time in broadcasting.
It's interesting how things circle around, he is back in town at the local TV station as production manager and I am making special interest videos. Both of us have our successes and awards and we both have a deep interest in video production, and even though I can throw a rock and hit the TV station from my house, we never see each other.
I remember back in 1977 we were on edge to see this new movie about to come out. It was called Star Wars and we knew it was going to be a great special effects film. And since we had spent all summer shooting models of the Enterprise in my bedroom, we figured we may pick up on a couple of tips from the movie.
We went to watch it when it came out and sat quietly in the theater while the most amazing stuff played out before our eyes. When the credits rolled we walked out silently and stood in the parking lot.
After a few moments of digesting all we had seen I calmly said, "Well, thats the end of that."
There was NO WAY we could ever match what we had seen on the big screen with our 8mm camera, a couple of rigged together lights and a makeshift editor that consisted of a film block cutter and a razor blade. LOL
Star Wars had set a precedent. All movies would be judged by this new criteria after that day in 1977. We were heartbroken.
But that didn't stop us. Video was in it's infancy then so we both went into radio. There we honed our writing skills with bad commercial copy and an unlimited string of promotions. But Robert went into TV and I bought a camcorder.
As time has passed I made all kinds of videos. And now I have pretty much all the power the crew of Star Wars had on my desktop computer. Full circle again?

I am still amazed at what I can accomplish with this PC, some inexpensive software and creativity. Over the years I've learned allot. From video, audio, multimedia, web design, print. I've done it all. But somewhere inside me is still that epic. Perhaps one day I'll get around to producing it. In the meantime I make my own little epics. Well, they are epics to me anyway. I have a little TV show on the web called, "Conundrums", a couple of DVD's on the market and I keep busy with my real job, web design and other projects.
My motorcycle is my freedom machine and my dog is my best buddy. I have a wonderful girlfriend and plenty to keep me busy.
So I can't complain...


Donald said...

Here is another great resoure for producing Special Interest Videos.

It is a free PDF book, that covers advertising, production, marketing, etc.
It contains a lot of good information for those who want to produce Special Interest Videos

Jay Michael said...

Yes, I have that book and you're right, it is a great resource!