Friday, November 16, 2007


Camping is a pastime I love! I enjoy being in the woods or outdoors, near a lake or creek and just enjoying a fire and the scenery. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I will be co-hosting a camp out at Turkey Fork campgrounds. It's a get together of the International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers so we will have our bikes and camps set up. Plus we will have Thanksgiving Dinner there!
I'm sure to shoot some footage or take pictures to post here. It is for me a chance to combine alot of my interests such as camping, motorcycles, shooting at a beautiful location. Man I can't wait! Last year was the first camp out with the IBMC, we had dinner and then enjoyed talking about bikes and just about everything. Turkey Fork is a scenic location and one of the best places to camp in Mississippi. Plus the ride was fun too!
We have been planning this camp out since last year. I produced a little video for the site and as far as I know it's the only video there. Plus I got some really good wildlife footage.
But I must admit a secret, this year I'm taking my Pro Camera and shooting for an upcoming DVD with a motorcycle theme. It's an idea I was working on before last years trip. So it's funny how this too factors into my interests. I should get some good bike footage while there and maybe even an interview or two. So, it's all good. ;-)
This weekend we are getting all the camping gear out and making sure we have everything. We have a check list to go over and camping boxes we keep all our gear in. When I say "we", I mean me and my girlfriend. But since we have so much stuff I'm afraid the bike will be the secondary vehicle. Yes, we have to take the car. LOL I'm not ready to ride the bike with my expensive camera on board. LOL
So, thats the plan this weekend.

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