Thursday, March 17, 2011

Haier 7" HLT71 Monitor

When shooting concerts, weddings and event video we often have our cameras in a studio configuration during the program. It's much easier to see the viewfinder if you have a large monitor to display the camera output. For this I use two 7 inch Haier monitors. They are inexpensive and work well as an on camera monitor.

Since my company is small I use two Canon camcorders, the HV30 & HV40. The viewfinder on these cameras is in the back and harder to look through and the flip out viewer is also small, about 2.5 inches. Having on camera monitors gives us a better view of our shooting area and can help with framing.

The Haier 7 inch HLT71 is an excellent choice if you are on a budget but need good monitors for your cameras. The video below, produced by DSLR Film Noob is a terrific review of this monitor.

You will notice he mentions the screw in the bottom of the monitor is not quite the right size but I have found I can screw in a Cold Shoe Adapter enough to mount the monitor.

The monitor has stereo audio inputs and a video input, all RCA connections. It has very good color and is bright, however you will want to make a hood for it if you shoot outdoors or in bright light conditions. Plus it has a handy headphone connector so you can monitor the audio of your recordings while shooting.

It also comes with a remote but when using it as a monitor it probably will not be needed.

Since the output of the monitor is directly off the HV30/40 I can monitor the audio levels on the monitor itself as well, giving me a clear view of my volumes.
The battery lasts about 2 hours and it comes with a charger. You can run it off the battery or plug it in if your camera isn't going to move much.

Watch the video below and if you need a good monitor but you are on a budget, the Haier 7 in HLT71 is a good alternative to buying an expensive one.


Japie Muller said...

Hi Michael,

I also have an HV20 camcorder. I have bought one of these Haier monitors on Amazon. When I got it I see that it has these RCA connectors. How do you connect it to your AV20 if the only outputs you have on the camera is Firewire, RGB or HDMI.

Your help will really be aprpeciated,
Japie Muller

Jay Michael, Producer: said...

The HV 30, & 40 have an AV in/out and comes with a cable with RCA connectors. I use that to connect from the AV in/out to the monitor. The HV 20 should have this too.

In the menu switch the headphones to AV, then connect the cable. This turns the jack into an output. (See your manual)
Hope that helps! :-)

Japie Muller said...

Worked like a charm, thank you so much. I am fitting mine HV20 to a Jib Crane that I have build and designed myself. I have all the plans in PDF format if you are interested. just send me your email to Thanks again in advance.

mikelambuth said...

I am interested in purchasing this monitor. On Amazon it does have a note that the monitor will not function if it is moving and that it must remain stationary. I intend on using this from time to time when shooting moving shots with a steady cam rig. Can anyone that has this monitor verify if the have or had not had any problems with the monitor when shooting mobile or moving shots? If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Jay&Edith said...

Hmmm, That may refer to when you are using it as a TV. Moving may interfere with the reception of a signal. I have used it as a monitor many times, moving and stationary and it never failed.

mikelambuth said...

That's what I figured. I just figured it was worth an inquiry before purchasing. Thank you much!