Saturday, January 9, 2010

Theme Pack: Thought Bubbles!

Someone over on the Movie Edit Pro Users Group asked a question about "Thought Bubbles" and I said to myself....
"Self, this would make a great Theme Pack!"

So I threw together this 12 pack of useful bubbles you can animate, re-size, and use in your video productions. Anytime you need to insert a thought or additional text someone didn't say, or spice up an otherwise boring slide show, use these bubbles to add character to your subject!

Each bubble is 720x480 but you can stretch, shape and move them around within SD or HD screen real estate. They are PNG files with transparent backgrounds and are sized large so you have plenty of resolution when you move them around.

Just position them, type text over them and either bring 'em on and off screen, or just pop them in place. Some have gradient edges and a drop shadow to make them stand out. Right Click HERE and select "Save Link as" to get the zip file. Then enjoy your new Theme Pack!

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