Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sneak Peek: Magix Video Pro X 2.0!

Due to be released at the end of February, Magix will present Video Pro X 2.0, the latest upgrade to their professional video editor. ITV received an advanced copy of the new English version and we are excited to show you some of the new features!

Since getting VPX2.0 a few weeks ago I've already completed two projects with it and I can tell you it is just as stable and powerful as 1.5 with some additional features that you will find you can't live without.

Magix plans to release the English version at the end of the month, the German version of 2.0 has already been in distribution for a while now. This English version will likely be a download when first available with box versions available later this year.

Watch the following video to see the new features and get ready for VPX2.0 and the new Magix Video Pro X web site later in the month!

Click the Full Screen button on the video to watch a larger image. Watch in HD if possible.

Features include
• Three-Point Editing
• Zoom Function
• Comparison Mode
• Time-code Rendering
• Integrated VST Plugins
• And More!

Magix Video Pro X!


Anonymous said...

bug fixes since V1.x?
Better HD handling?
Have you yet tried the screen capture?



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Anonymous said...

MAGXI has hit it out of the park with this one. check out the review at

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