Saturday, July 18, 2009


For me there are two primary equipment peripherals on my workstation. These are necessary and a must-have for any serious videographer. In fact, without them I cannot edit at all.

The first is my coffee warmer! Yes, it's true. You must have coffee. Cola is good too or even water but for me it's coffee. If I'm doing voice overs I stick to water but for the hours of stringing together clips I prefer my coffee. I'd take a coffee IV if I could. LOL

The second is M&M's. The peanut kind. Though I'll accept regular. I'm pretty much set if I have coffee and M&Ms! Without the two editing is just a drag.

You have to have priorities, right?

Of course my DELL dual core is important, it contains all my software and editor. Next to it is a terabyte drive. I don't have a raid, just back up drives. Next to that is my Casio CW-E60 DVD printer. It's a single disc printer but reliable. See my review here. I picked up this printer on Ebay but you can find one at Amazon for a nice price.

I have my desk set up where I can jack either camera into my firewire and set the camera on the computer. Both my cameras are Mini-DV. {AG-DVC20 & HV30}
Next to the drive is my lamp. For those late night editing sessions. My woofer & speakers surround the desk for the best sound. My mic is on a neck where I can pull it into place.

To my right is a shelf filled with stock footage, motion design elements, music and backup files. Lights and tripods are behind and against the wall. The rest of the room is open space for shooting.

And that is my one room studio. The rest is too messy to describe. I also have a second computer set up for surfing, writing and other stuff. All of this in a bedroom in back of my house.
There was a time when you needed a whole building for a video studio, now it can be done in a small room if you prioritize. I have room for a green screen or even a small set.

From this setup, or one like it I have produced six SIV titles, two web series, countless event videos and ran a small business. I write, produce, edit and do all my video work from my cozy executive chair in front of this desk. With a steady flow of caffeine and snacks I work into the night and sometimes for days straight. Unless I'm out shooting.

The coffee helps. ;-)

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