Monday, June 22, 2009

Dude, Where's My Video?

You need to seriously get some video on your web site! Looking about the 'information superhighway' today, surfing the sites and pursuing through many web billboards posted along the way I noticed a huge lack of video!

Do you have video on your site? I mean up front and personal, not buried down on link seven and page twelve of your vast network of web properties?

You have about 15 seconds to dazzle your viewer before they drive on by and scan the next billboard. Having a video on your site is the best way to capture their attention and entice them to stay!

And you need streaming video, not some ancient quicktime file that takes three minutes to download. On the net, three minutes will seem like hours to your viewer. They simply will not wait to download then play a video. One click and they are gone!

Text is fine if viewers have time to sit and read it, video will start instantly and show them what you are talking about. You need to captivate them, and you can do that with a video. Click, view, be informed or entertained.

You can tell people all about your products or services, or you can dazzle them by actually seeing it! And if you are the subject of your web site why not let them see you?

Your video works the same way, if they are not interested in you, your product, services or what you have to say they will click away in the first 15 seconds. So your video should start out snazzy and gently pull them in.

Give them something to do when they visit, like watch a cool video. You should have a video up front on the main page, especially if you are teaching or showing off your skills! If you have products put a demo where it is easy to find and view.

If your web site is saying, "I am a pro", show them you are a pro!
If your web site is saying, "I am a guru", show them you are a guru!
If your web site is saying, "I have a great product", show them your product!

You have 15 seconds for them to say, "WOW!" Otherwise they are leaving, gone, out the door.

If you want to have a clean front page then you should have clear and prominent links to the dazzling stuff. Like a Video Page or pages with stuff to see and do. It should be easy to find. Click, you are there dude.

Vimeo, BlipTV, even Utube are good places to upload video and then embed them into yor web site. Frankly I'd avoid UTube and use another service, one that isn't as cluttered visually as UTube, but that is your choice. I created a NING site for video uploads. It affords me clean and clear video that I can brand with my own logo. (More on that later)

Plus more and more sites are being delivered to pocket gadgets where the screen is to small to sit and read text or filter through. Video shines on these gadgets!

But, suffice it to say you need video on your site to sell yourself or your wares. In this day & age people are so used to seeing their information they will take little time to stop and read about it. You need to show them. And show them well.

Where is your video?

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Lynn said...

nicely put. as an amateur blogger i appreciate the benefit of your experience and knowledge. thank you.