Friday, June 5, 2009

Check Out Special Interest Videos!

Hollywood is not the only place you can find great movies, documentaries and programs to watch! There are plenty of titles available made by smaller producers that are just as entertaining as tinsel town features and blockbusters.

Here are a few to check out:

Lost Towns of the Pine Barrens:

The video was produced by Bill Mecca and features the lost ghost towns hidden away in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey!

Explore the mystery and history of the pines, without getting lost in the woods. No Jersey Devil to worry about here! You'll learn about the ecology of the Pine Barrens and why it was perfectly suited for an industry that helped forge this nation. You'll learn about the men who founded these towns, and how that iron industry fit into the history of the fledgling nation. Travel the back roads and see how these towns were connected, not just by stage coach routes, but by strong family ties. Learn about the myths and legends of the New Jersey Pine Barrens. You'll also learn how one of these ironmasters had a very famous customer, and how that work of iron is still used today.

Pro Chess DVD:

Want to learn Chess from a pro, you can with this DVD!

Simple to learn yet tough to master, chess has been played for centuries. It teaches you to think logically, to plan ahead, and to accept the consequences of your actions. A gymnasium of the mind. As former US Champion & IGM Larry Evans (he makes a guest appearance) says, "Chess is food for the brain. It prepares you for life.

Let's Build A Sandcastle!

Ever walked along a beach and observed the beautiful creations in the sand? Ever wondered how they do that? Check out this DVD for wonderful visuals of sand castles!

Building your Dream Castle on expensive beachfront property is not only fun, it's FREE! Discover easy-to-follow Tips and Techniques from Award Winning Sand Sculptors as they reveal their step-by-step Sandcastle Secrets! Learn Tower & Wall Construction, Windows, Roof, Bridges, Staircases & MORE!

Model T Ford Club International 50th Annual Tour

Go on a fun filled ride with hundreds of Model T Ford collectors. This colorful DVD slideshow features a large collection of vintage automobiles along with interviews with car owners at the 2006 Model T Ford Club International 50th Annual Tour in Clear Lake, Iowa. Photographs by Robin Heil-Kern and Tony Carlisle. Music by Kevin MacLeod.

Botanical Editions - Ballet Of Blooms
Nature is sublime.....

Life is beautiful. This totally relaxing DVD will calm your spirit and take you away from your busy thoughts and lead you on journey amongst the flowers. Fly with the dragon flies over the lilly ponds. Come to rest upon the perfect bloom. Glimpse butterflies as they alight in the garden. Explore blooms See details that were always there, but you never noticed.
These are just a handful of great DVD's on the market. Almost anything you are interested in is probably a DVD title available somewhere, and if not then a local producer may make one. If you produce S.I.V. look to see if a title of something you are interested in exists, if not why not produce one yourself?

Special interest Videos make wonderful gifts and most distributors will let you buy but ship to the recipients home, so they get it in a timely fashion. Look around for something that interests you!

Check out and Createspace for great productions just as good as Hollywood features!

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