Monday, May 4, 2009

Documentary: UFOS 1973

I recently completed my documentary, UFOS 1973! After about 4 months of editing and working on it I'm happy to have sent it off to be included on It is already available at

I market many of my DVDs through My tutorials are there and another documentary I produced. They set it up to sell on too. It takes about a month to get it on Amazon. First you set up the dvd and send them a copy, upload your case art work and DVD face art. After about 17 days you get a 'proof' of the DVD. It is in an amaray case with the artwork and silk screened DVD. You have to proof it and test it on many DVD players to insure it works the way you designed it and then you can 'approve' it online. Once approved it will appear instantly on Createspace for sale. After another 10 days you can look for it to appear on

So from shipping to finally appearing on Amazon is about a month. But the results are beautiful! The artwork is vivid and the DVDs are very professional and colorful. The DVD will be an exact copy of your master. I have never had one not work. If the copy of the master I sent worked, their duplicates will too.

This DVD is marketed to the "UFO Community", a special interest group of people who have seen UFOs or have an interest in them. It covers events in 1973 and has a bonus section.
I created it using Video Pro X, MEP14+, Vitascene, and elements such as stock footage, video I shot, and royalty free music. Brian Robart of New Dog Digital contributed some animated 'UFOs" for it too. I did some recreations and the effects shots for the program. Even some 'acting' , LOL. All on a limited budget.

It covers several of the major ufo sightings from 1973 including the Pascagoula abduction case. I plan to submit it for a "E.B.E. Award" in the film festival the UFO congress has each year. I missed this years award banquet so it will be entered in the 2010 program. In the meantime it will be available online at createspace, amazon and the ufo store!

At this point I am in the waiting period after sending it to createspace. I should get a confirmation email soon that they received it and then the slow process of getting it to amazon begins. I sent it to the ufo store last week and the owner loved it. He set it up fast within his store! There are many titles in the store on a variety of subjects ranging from UFOs to conspiracy theories. Randy, the owner has cornered the market on special interest UFO titles! His store is an excellent example of how you can take a niche market and make money within it. Plus he has a nice commission base for titles offered too.

It will be available on those three market avenues plus I may sell some through my ebay store at some point. But for now I just want to get it 'out there' so a worldwide market can find it. I am currently working on a longer promo, the teaser is below.

During this time I'm beginning to focus on future projects and something entirely different that should be ready soon. More on that later. I'm also marketing and advertising this title where ever I can! ;-)

Available at The UFO Store!

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