Sunday, March 8, 2009

Theme Pack # 5: SD to HD Converters!

Problem: You have tons of SD footage but you want to use it in a HD or Widescreen production.
(SD= Standard definition 4:3 ratio | HD = High Definition 16:9 ratio)

You can;

• Crop the SD footage to fit but you will lose the aspect ratio and perhaps even crop out important parts of the video clip.

• Stretch the SD footage to fit HD but again you will lose resolution and distort the image.

The problem is you are trying to fit a square box in a rectangle hole.

Solution: Use a frame to place the SD footage in the HD production without losing any resolution or cropping. Enter Themepack # 5, SD to HD Converters!

These files do not actually convert anything, they just allow you to place SD footage into a HD production and hide the black area around the video clip. Therefore they allow you to use your older SD footage in newer HD productions!

First set your production to HD, such as 1920x1080 16:9. Then place the Themepack file on the timeline and place the SD video clip above it on the timeline. The SD video will play inside the files 720x480 "hole" allowing you to keep your aspect ratio and show the SD footage in its regular resolution without any cropping, stretching, or adjustments.

Here is a video that depicts how to do it in Movie Edit Pro. Other editors will have similar ways of setting it up. Plus the video shows the files contained in this Themepack. There are 9 files of different themes that will fit almost any production.
Download here.

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