Thursday, March 12, 2009

Movie Edit Pro 15 Plus

It's coming. The all new Movie Edit Pro, now up to version 15! MEP15+ will be available in America soon with an all new interface and many new functions.

For the most part it is a scaled down version of the professional editor Magix released last year, Video Pro X.

It looks like PRO X, works like it and has a multi-cam function too. Video Pro X will let you mix up to four cameras, MEP15+ will mix two. There will be many more new features and changes from MEP14+ and all the Magix predecessors. Currently MEP14+ is still available and is a fantastic editor too! However if you want all the new bells & whistles,MEP15+ is just around the corner.

Look for the release any day now. MEP15+ should be in stores soon too. If you are considering an upgrade to Video Pro X, MEP15+ would be a good stepping stone to learn then make the jump to the pro version.

There will be differences between the previous Movie Edit Pro versions and this one, so plan some learning and adjusting time. But it's a great editor and a fine upgrade!

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