Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Still time to get MMEP Triple Pack! Ebay sale ends soon!

Time is running out! A while back I put Mastering Movie Edit Pro on sale in my eBay store. All three DVDs for $20.00! This sale is ending soon. However, when the sale is over you can still get MMEP from createspace in cases and at the regular price.

This sale is for a limited time from my Ebay store!

The triple pack is all three DVDs on DVD-R media in plain white sleeves. Same program just simple packaging. Which allowed me to cut the costs way down. (See the post below) All three for $20.00 plus shipping!

If you are learning Movie Edit Pro 14 plus, about to buy it, or need additional knowledge, tips, tricks, and want to master it you still have time to take advantage of this sale! Drop by my Ebay store and grab it while you can! I'm offering this last chance opportunity before I remove it from the store.

With this DVD tutorial series you can learn to master the key frame animator, special effects, and the basics of Movie edit pro 14+! See the Volume One & Two promos below.

So don't wait! Get it now while they last! Then go edit like a pro! <LINK TO SALE>
Volume One Promo:

Volume Two Promo:

Sale Ends Soon! Visit My Store Today! Sign Up For My Store Newsletter While There!
Volume Three Promo:

Find more videos like this in The JML Multimedia Ebay Store!

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