Monday, February 16, 2009

Mastering Movie Edit Pro Triple Pack!

For a limited time I have all three of my Mastering Movie Edit Pro DVD's for sale in my Ebay store for $20.00! These are volumes one, two & three on individual DVD-R media. I am offering these at this reduced price on DVD-R media in plain paper sleeves to reduce costs. The programs are the same as the ones available from Createspace. Burned to blank media with no plastic case cutting out the middle man so I can offer them for less!

If you have been wanting these programs to help you learn Movie Edit Pro 14 plus, now you can buy them individually or as a pack directly from me through the secure order form in Ebay with Paypal!

The DVD's include:

Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+ Volume One
Mastering Movie Edit Pro {Volume One} is a collection of web episodes produced to teach you how to use Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus™
There are 13 episodes that teach the basics, navigating around MEP, titling, Key Framing, editing, making your own mattes, and much more! This is a tutorial program for beginners and pros to help you get past the learning curve!
With simple and easy instructions I show you how to get started with this powerful video editing software!
For Magix™ Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus users. 120 minutes


Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+ Volume Two; SPECIAL EFFECTS!
In this series I will teach you several Special Effects with MAGIX(tm) Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus(tm), and you can modify these effects to make even more special effects! Plus I provide you the alpha elements to create the effects! (free download)

There are eight tutorials on the DVD including the:
* Transporter Effect
* Phaser Effect
* Wizard Orb
* Bionic Man
* Time Warp
* Pixel Censor
* Lightning Fingertips
* Action Intro

You will learn all of these effects and how to make even more effects with the same techniques! For Magix™ Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus users.


Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+ Volume Three; Understanding Keyframe Animation!

In this program I demystify the Key Frame Animation function within Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus!
This tutorial DVD is what you need to learn Key Framing and get past the learning curve!
You will learn how it works and how to animate your photographs, titles, and video! Plus use it with audio!
In easy to understand language I will step you through the animation process and explain the concept behind key frames. You will be using the key frame animator quickly!
Learn how to use Key Frames like the pros!
For Magix™ Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus users.

Get past the learning curve and start editing like the pros faster with these tutorials! Click here to visit my store!


Pastor Prince said...

Thanks Jay! I am creating my PayPal account and buying it tonight!

Pastor Prince

Pastor Prince said...

Just caught that great sale!!! U kno women luv a sale!!!