Thursday, January 29, 2009

Simple Teleprompter

I was watching the Inauguration and started looking around for the teleprompter. After a bit I was convinced it was in the podium. They never really gave the stage a good shot. Then my girlfriend pointed them out to me. They were the flat panels on either side.

Yes, teleprompter technology has come a long way! You can even build one here. A teleprompter is actually a simple idea, just reflect the image of a monitor onto glass or a mirror and invert the text. The ones the president uses are monitors on the ground reflected into mirror plates.

A cheap way to make a simple one is here. You can use the CD cover idea in that link and make the titles with your titler in your NLE, reverse them then record them scrolling onto a DVD and play it in a portable DVD player reflected onto the CD case glass. Put it in front of your camera and you have a simple and portable teleprompter. Or just use a laptop if you have one. You can get free software here. Or if you want to get a better one check out the prompter at Phoenix Clips!

Teleprompters add a professional look to your videos if you need to read text or a script, make one today!

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