Monday, January 12, 2009

Mastering Movie Edit Pro: Volume Three; Understand The Keyframe Animator

Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+ Volume Three; Understanding Keyframe Animation! Volume Three of my series is now available! In this program I demystify the Key Frame Animation function within Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus! You will learn how it works and how to animate your photographs, titles, and video! Plus use it with audio! In easy to understand language I will step you through the animation process and explain the concept behind key frames. You will be using the key frame animator quickly!

Get all three volumes here.

I'm very proud to introduce this new volume in the series! The Key Frame Animation within MEP14+ is what sets it apart from other editors and places it squarely within the "pro" category of video editors. Understanding how to use this powerful function will take your videos to a whole new level! Professionals use Key Frames in almost everything, now you can too!

Get this DVD and start animating quickly and easily!
Mastering Movie Edit Pro 14+

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