Sunday, January 18, 2009

The $1 Calendar Planner

I often find myself in little dollar stores looking for ideas that can be used with video on the cheap. This time I grabbed a calendar. For a buck I got a great system for keeping track of schedules and goals for the coming year.

It is always good to plan ahead and if you shoot video in seasonal patterns then you may want to grab a calendar and just make some notes about when you plan to start promotionals or advertising and when you plan to have those videos finished. No matter what you sell or your business model...

So let's look at 2009 and see what and when you may need to make a mark on your calendar.

January brings MLK day and Robert E Lee, depending where you are and those dates, you may want to work on non profit or historical videos. January is already in full swing though so you may want to look ahead.

February brings Valentines day! Love will be in the air and your promotions for that event may need to start now. But you also have Presidents day, don't forget it. Get those dollar and presidential images and elements ready to design a promo for it too.

March is Green! St. Patrick's day. Plus Mardi Gras and April Fools will be coming at the end. You may want to generate a "green" promotional around St Patty day and then segue into the colorful Mardi Gras with purples and bright elements. And don't forget Spring savings and other Spring themes.

April will start with a bang as April 1 is for trickery, then you are still celebrating Mardi Gras so beads and flash will enter into your promotions. Spring is now in full swing too.

May; Mothers day and graduations. Produce videos for the theme and pomp of both occasions. Start early and have some golden video promos ready for this season.

June brings summer and the wedding season. But don't forget Fathers day and those lingering graduations. Gear up for Summer Fun and adventure!

July sparkles with fireworks and fun for the 4th, but all too soon it is over and you still have to start thinking of back to school ideas. Have your firework and patriotic elements ready well in advance for this month.

August is Back to School themes and now is a good time to start planning for the remainder of the year.

September. Labor day, Grandparents day and school is in session now. While you are running your Labor Day sale you need to be looking ahead to Christmas. yes, its three months away.

October, will be spooky. But also holiday promos should start around October 15th. This month also has Columbus day and ends with the thrill of Halloween. Get those ghosts and goblins ready early!

November; Time to give Thanks and by now you should be in full swing for the holidays. Thanksgiving is this month and Christmas is drawing nearer.

December. Christmas and New Years looms at the end of this month. Don't forget Hannukah either. Kick your promotions into full swing and start thinking about January!

You may want to grab a $1 calendar or just use your day planner but do take some time to plot out the new year and make sure your video promos are well into production in advance. In this economy hitting the mark each time this year will be vital.

Figure out how long a promo or video will take and back track the time you will need to start, then set a goal to have it in the can and ready to launch! Plus be sure to give yourself some leeway, in case there is a issue and you need time.

Here's hoping you have a fun, profitable and exciting 2009!


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