Friday, December 5, 2008

Mastering Movie Edit Pro DVD Volume Two!

Just Released! Mastering Movie Edit Pro "Special Effects! In this series
I will teach you several Special Effects with MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 14 Plus, and you can modify these effects to make even more special effects! Plus I provide you the alpha elements to create the effects!

There are eight tutorials on the DVD including the:
* Transporter Effect
* Phaser Effect
* Wizard Orb
* Bionic Man
* Time Warp
* Pixel Censor
* Lightning Fingertips
* Action Intro

You will learn all of these effects and how to make even more effects with the same techniques!
Check out this link and grab one today! Both Volume One and Volume Two are great ways to learn Movie Edit Pro!

Click Here to read more about this series!

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