Friday, December 19, 2008

Hollywood Pack: Free Theme Pack # 2

This new Theme Pack features a Hollywood Theme, perfect to spice up your starlets when you make a video! In this theme pack you will find four (4) lower thirds, eight (8) overlays and two (2) bugs! A "bug" is the little identifier that appears in the lower right of a TV show, it usually promotes the program. These are 720x480 SD with transparent and gradient soft edges. TIF format. They can be used for a hollywood or even action news piece. Just drop them on your timeline under the video you want it to lay over and the video will show through. Stretch it out to fit the length of your video clip.

Theme packs work great with Movie Edit Pro! Use them for Utube videos, home movies or any program you produce! Click HERE to grab them. Royalty Free. Mix them up and use them throughout your video to give it a consistent look & feel. Sure to delight your viewers!

Will work with any editor with Alpha Channel capability
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If you have a request for a Theme Pack, just drop me a comment below. Also check out Mastering Movie Edit Pro, my DVD series. You will find a ton of tutorials and information that will help you learn Movie Edit Pro 14+! A great way to get past the learning curve and start making fantastic movies!


Pastor Prince said...


Does the DVD series teach me how to make overlays, lower thirds and bugs?

May I use Magix Xtreme Photo Designer 6 to create all of these items?

If you have a tutorial which features Designer instead of Photoshop, it would help.

Pastor Prince

Jay Michael said...

The dvds teach you how to use Movie Edit Pro 14+. There are episodes that show you how to use mattes and overlays but not make them other than basic mattes you can make in paint.
It does not teach how to make overlays like in this package. The overlays here were made in photoshop and are transparent tiffs. I do not have a tutorial on how to make them.
I cannot say for certain because I don't use the program often, but I think Magix Xtreme Photo Designer will create transparent files. That would probably be a question to ask support at Magix. :-D

What kinds of overlays & bugs do you need? You can email me at staff@jmlmultimedia DOT com (replace DOT with a .)

Internet Video Gal said...

Hey Jay.

Sounds like a cool product that would help many people.

Your blog is great! Keep up the good work.

Lorraine Grula