Sunday, December 21, 2008

FREE Vitascene & Adorage for Movie Edit Pro!

How would you like to have a FREE version of Vitascene for Movie Edit Pro? proDAD™ is offering a free version of Vitascene called a Starter Kit. You can sign up for it here. No strings attached. The Vitascene Effects kit has many pro-grade effects that include film look and text effects.
Of course proDAD™ hopes you like the starter kit so much that you will buy the full version. So grab the kit now. And do purchase the full version of both* if you like them!

Compatible with:
Magix Video Deluxe 2008
Magix Video Deluxe 15
Magix Movie Edit Pro
14, 15
Magix Video Pro X
Professional moods & effects
Effects and transitions with the aid of deliberate blurring, expertly selected color matches and understated lighting create sophisticated visual moods on film, enabling glamor, flair, charm and drama to be perfectly accentuated - which is why it is barely possible to imagine a professional production without these kinds of effects:
Vitascene makes a perfect quality stylistic device available to everyone - it’s amazingly easy to use and, thanks to the latest GPU technology, lightning fast!

*You can also get the Adorage starter kit here. The kit contains a compilation of transitions and effects including sports related media, wedding effects and other family themes. Adorage offers the right professional pop up effects for every situation. Just a few samples Use samples

The superfast rendering in combination with the interactive user interface as well as various adjustments, allow the ideal customization for the user’s own requirements.
The fully integrated plug-ins offer the maximum possible efficiency for most video-editing applications.

Both of these kits are free!

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