Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perhaps a bit seasoned?

Geez, I'm getting old. Recently I have been purging some old videos and storing them and came across this old relic. Its 21 years old and I made it back when I was in broadcasting and working for WKNZ. That summer we gave away a truck and diamond ring. In four years that truck will be eligible for a "antique" tag! LOL

I can't believe I'm still making video. This one was done on my old VHS equipment. Just a little video I did of our remote broadcast. Yes, 21 years ago I was doing what folks do now on Utube. Guess I was a pioneer or something. LOL Its old so forgive the quality. Me and this video have aged gracefully.
Another strange thing is I ran into Romeo Sullivan today at a local eatery. We reminisced of old times and got caught up on our respective projects. So I thought I'd post this old file and let you take a look at it since its on my hard drive anyway.

Back then I was young and a radio DJ. Which translates into I was famous and broke! LOL VHS was what you edited on unless you had big bucks or worked in TV. It was the days of Insert and Assembly editing. There were no computers and NLE software then. I think Amiga did have something but it was way out of my budget. I wrestled tape and decks. Equipment I called fantastic would be something to throw out now. :-)

I was going through some old tapes and while I still have a working VHS machine, I figured I better get some of this converted to something that may still play in 20 years.

The players in this fine production above have all moved on. Romeo has a world wide audience now playing old country and doo wap on the Internet. Toni owns a station in Tennessee, John is still in town and has the morning show on a local station and I own my video company. Twenty years ago we were the hottest thing. I like to think we still are. :D


Anonymous said...

Found your site through Google Alerts. Interesting that I am involved in putting WKNZ on the air as a non-comm Christian station in Delaware (www.wknz.org)and I am also a video producer. (www.watermark-productions.com)


Jay Michael said...

Wow! Always wondered what happened to the call letters. LOL During my time at WKNZ it was owned by Mr. Wolverton. It began as a country station and later was sold and became oldies. I was Program Director and Operations Manager, as well as a morning DJ and other duties throughout my time there. Good to see it is still around at least in a new incarnation.

We had a blast working there. It was fun and the people were great!
Thank you for posting!

Bill said...

A blast from the past is really fun. I blogged a while back about coming across one of my old anchoring segments from about 1988 or 89 that I had forgotten about and the adrenaline rush hit me like it was happening again.

Fun stuff, I have to search thru my old 3/4" tapes and convert them to save for posterity.