Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Movie Edit Pro Users Group Contests

Over on the MEPusers web site, we have two contests going on now...

Logo Contest: Design a logo for MEPusers with any paint or design program of your choice. The logo needs to be centered at 1920 x1080 (canvas) and at least 300dpi. The logo should be centered on a blank solid background. Use your creativity and make us a logo! The winning logo will be featured on all store items, this web site and videos to promote MEPusers. Plus there are Magix™ prizes for the winner;
Sound Pools 12 & 14, and Music Maker 14!!!
Deadline November 30th, 2008

Holiday Contest: This will be a video contest! Create a video with a holiday theme, the video can be any holiday though we are nearing Thanksgiving and Christmas so you may want to choose one of those. There is no time limits to the video. The video must tell a story. It must have a beginning, middle and end. Let your creativity go on this one and be sure to use Movie Edit Pro! Plus there will be Magix™ prizes for the winner;
Sound Pools 12 & 14, and Samplitude Music Studio 14!!!
Deadline November 30th, 2008

About the prizes:

Samplitude® Music Studio 14 is the top-grade solution for professional music production on your PC:
Samplitude® Music Studio 14: Discover a unique range of functions and experience the easiest handling you've ever known for recording, editing, mixing, mastering, and publishing. Take full advantage of the numerous virtual instruments and unbeatable tools for trouble-free home recording, flexible arrangement and perfect sound design on 64 tracks.

Music Maker 14
Top features
Produce music with MAGIX Music Maker 14: Record, edit and mix. Everything in perfect audio quality for the most demanding standards. Songs, sounds and loops are made quickly with the instruments selected – your songs!

Soundpool DVD Collection 12
Ideal for any music software! Enrich your sound projects with MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 12. More than 6,000 professionally recorded sound files provide a valuable companion for your pieces.
Also ideal for slideshows, videos, and even your own website.

Soundpool DVD Collection 14
Ideal for any music software! Enrich your work with more than 7 GB of professional audio material and experience the diversity available from MAGIX Soundpool DVD Collection 14! Also ideal for slideshows, videos, and even your own website.


All submissions must be uploaded by 12:00 midnight November 30th, 2008. You may enter more than one submission however only one will win per contest. There will be one individual winner per contest. By entering the contest and selection you forfeit all rights to any logo submission to and its administrator. The winning logo will become copyright ©2008 to and its administrator. Videos submitted to the video contest remain the copyright of the producer.
The administrator of will ship prizes to the winners anywhere in the world at no cost to the winner. Shipping will be made by the lowest cost provider available. Judging for the contests will be at the administrators sole discretion. Winning entries and producers will be announced on within the first week of December, 2008. Video submissions must be edited with Movie Edit Pro (any version). Submissions may not contain nudity, obscene or distasteful language, visuals or audio. Producers are solely responsible for quality, size, and submission of the entries. Prizes have been provided by Magix™ and carry their warranties only.
You may enter the contest at any time between now and 12 midnight central time (USA) November 30, 2008 by uploading your content to Entries must have accompanying text stating the upload is a submission to the specific contest.

If you are a Movie Edit Pro user, join us! Have fun and make a little gem!
J :)

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