Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday & Holiday Sales

If there ever was a time to grab some video goodies, now is it! Camcorders are at phenomenal low prices along with many accessories.

Places to check:

• Best Buy. Not necessarily the lowest but a good place to start.
• Circuit City. Going out of business can be good for the videographer.
• Sears - Yes, still a good place to check
• Kmart & Target - Lower line camcorders but good prices
• Wal-mart - Might find a good deal here, but get there early!

Plus there is a virtual cornucopia of deals online. Check out, B&H photo and Frys. You are sure to find a good computer for video editing or a great camera listed low. One of my favorites is Yes, you will find name brand in- the-box goodies there for a fraction of retail. Plus they are a good company to deal with!

Whatever you are looking for from tripods to cameras, now is the time to get a good deal. Check software dealers too! Have a great weekend and save yourself some dough!

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