Saturday, September 13, 2008

Todocast Live Satellite TV

Imagine you have a wedding or local event you are videotaping and you can stream it Live on the web, or to a pay-per-view channel on the web! You can with a Todocast Satellite transmitter in your video arsenal! Yes, stream live events and charge for the service! Designed for portability and mobility, the powerful satellite antenna can be easily mounted to any SUV, providing access to live video events in the most remote locations. takes the capabilities of video over satellite and packages the technology into a simplified service, providing videographers a platform and dynamic web audience.

"TodoCast is a complete webcast video over satellite service that has been in the works for sometime. The beauty of it is that you can offer the webcast as a pay-per-view or a free sponsored event, like a wedding or corporate event. We've packaged the technology into a user friendly and revenue generating kit for videographers," stated Bryan Hill, president of IPA. "We’re excited to be able to offer videographers the ability to produce live events with guaranteed quality bandwidth. Our videographer partners can pick the day, the event and the price and we will do everything else. They film the events, we collect the money and distribute the video." Hill concluded.

TodoCast is the first portable satellite and live video streaming system designed to bring digital video live to the Internet where you can seamlessly build your own channel, schedule a sponsored event or schedule a pay-per-view event live via satellite.

Professional videographers can shoot and broadcast events anytime, from anywhere, using their patented satellite technology. The possibilities are as endless as the earning potential with TodoCast's portable satellite and digital video solutions.

You can set yourself up to carry live events, news, weather or anything from your own satellite hookup. Carry weddings live or local sporting events too. Then when news happens you can be the first on the scene! Click here and watch the video!

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