Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's an honor...

In April I was contacted by George Levy, in the Florida marketing department of the Magix™ Corporation. I was being considered for a new promotional award whereby those selected would be named, "MAGIXian of the Month". I won it and became one of only two who had received this coveted award! JoeHandsome99 was the first, I was the second. There will be a new one each month.
For me, this was an important milestone. It marks an achievement since I picked up a camera in 1998 and began seriously making video again. I've won awards before in Broadcasting, usually for the station I worked for. But this one was all mine. The award isn't given for something you've produced, it's given for everything you've produced. It's an award for overall achievement with their product. It's about how far you can push the envelope with this software.
I'm very proud of it. It's not everyday a major corporation contacts you and gives you an award for using their merchandise. I mean, what if Adobe™ called you up and said, "Hey, we like what you've done with Photoshop™'s an award!" That just doesn't happen. To have a major worldwide corporation, based in Europe & America offering ME an award is pretty exciting!
Years ago I started using Video Deluxe 2.0 by Magix™ and I knew then this was a great editor. It's only gotten better over the years. So yes, I believe in the product and I'm proud Magix recognized me and my work. With Video Deluxe & MEP I've produced four DVD's for sale and a multitude of other videos, including a web series called, "Conundrums" and now "Mastering Movie Edit Pro".
I got the idea to do Mastering MEP back in 2006 when I bought MEP 12. Originally the show was going to be about that version. I didn't start work on it until February of this year. This award, and the fact I won MEP14+ software as a result pushed the show up to the new version.
For the month of May 2008 I was the featured MAGIXian. I was in the Magix™ newsletter and received a ton of hits to my blog, UTube and business sites. It's been a wild month! Soon Magix will reward another individual with this prestigious award. They will be the MAGIXian for June 2008.
Congratulations to whomever wins it and know that if you win, you deserved it! It is an honor for me to display the award here in my studio. This award will always have a special place for me. Thank You Magix!


Owen McGoogie said...

Congratulations dude! You deserve it! Glad to see you getting recognized for your work.

Anonymous said...

I have book marked this site. i read it every day. This is very good information an you deserve the award!Congrats to you!!!!