Monday, June 2, 2008

FREE Photo Manager Software!

Want some free software? Not a trial, actually Free? I mean, "Oh My God I just got a cool program fer nuthin'!" kinda FREE? I thought you'd like that. You can get it here.
Photo Manager 2007 is FREE from Magix! Simplified use and improved image optimization. Video clip support (manage, archive, sort) 16:9 support, automatic MovieShow Maker and much more. Upload photos and video clips in a flash from digital cameras, hard drives, CDs/DVDs, and external portable devices in order to sort them as you wish into personal or thematic categories with individual ratings. I'm the most unorganized sap on the planet so I need stuff like this. This way you can always find the best photos without a long search. Not only that but if you register for free with Magix you will get a free web page and photo album! Yeppers fer FREE. What? You don't like FREE? Get outta town! Really? Geez. Well then consider it my gift to you. {Didn't cost me nuthin' either - LOL}
Go get it! Enjoy it! Just Do It! :-)

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